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automotive wrap near me

Our blog has been discussing post-heating for a while. It is still a crucial step that some installers overlook or even skim over. automotive wrap near me We will explain why this is so important and show you what could happen if your vehicle wrap was not properly post-heated. To achieve a great finish, you need to do the following: clean the vehicle properly, use the right material, automotive wrap near me and avoid overstretching. Your job will be more durable if you use post heat. It can be used on any part of the film with a stretch greater than 10%. As an example, let's take the door handle. This recess is quite large. The material will be tempted to return flat despite the fact that we applied it evenly and properly with our fingers. automotive wrap near me The adhesive, on the other side, is trying to hold it in place as we wish. This causes tension to form on the surface.

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Let's take a moment to demonstrate why post-heating can be so crucial. You can wrap the vehicle and hang it above the window. At this point, we can still see the shape and size of the door handle. automotive wrap near me However, if you heat the wrap with my heat gun now and trigger the memory effect, the vehicle wrap will return to its original flat state because of its nature. This is mostly due to chemical PVC. automotive wrap near me This is a common property of most materials. Even though some films don't contain PVC, these films still have the same effect. This tension can only be removed by post-heating when wrapping vehicles. Let's now put the material back on the door handle and do it again. To soften it, we can heat it as we form it. automotive wrap near me Films without air regress technology should be popped. You will heat the material to a temperature after heating it. Any air bubbles can cause damage to the film or even lead to its splitting as the air expands. Make sure that there is no air in the wrapping area. After the application has been completed, it is possible to heat it. We will need a heat gun and an infrared thermometer. automotive wrap near me An IR heater can be used instead. However, a propane torch is not recommended. Infrared thermometer is as important as the squeegee. Post-heating is both a scientific and chemical process. Don't guess the temperature. Most films are at 180°F or 90°C after heating. Different types of films may have different post-heating temperatures. TeckWrap vehicle wraps can be heated to 100-110 degrees after heating. automotive wrap near me The heat will change the structure of PVC or any other chemical used in making the material once you have reached that temperature. The memory effect ceases to exist once the structure has been altered. Now we can grab the vehicle wrap and place it again on the window. We can still see the handle of the door just like before. The shape will not change if the door handle is heated again. automotive wrap near me The film is now free of tension. The film's nature will not be able to resist the adhesive. If we don't post heat, the vehicle wraps will often return to their original flat state within a short time. automotive wrap near me Wraps that curl on mirrors or bumpers are usually not post-heated. Post heat almost guarantees durability for the long-term. You should do this all over the vehicle wrapped in film, including any overlaps or recesses. automotive wrap near me Make sure to do it well enough. Be patient and keep the temperature at the correct temperature. It can take a while, but it is worth it. Wraps for cars Post-heating Vehicle wraps Vinyl wraps Wrap tips

automotive wrap near me

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automotive wrap near me
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